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STOP! Go Backup Your Sequences, NOW!


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Backup your sequences!

If you are new to Light-O-Rama you may not be aware how much time goes into creating your sequences. However as time goes on you start to realize that it can take a lot of time.

One thing you should do is make frequent backup of your sequences. This save you an enormous amount of time should you run into problems. Please note: It is best to save a copy of your work on a different computer. If your computer is lost, stolen or just dies, any backups stored on that same machine would be lost to.

There are several ways to backup your sequences. Each of them will have their advantages and disadvantages, but each of them will save you time.

Here are just some backup methods.

1) Copy the files to a flash drive or SD card.
2) Copy the files to another computer in the house.
3) Use a backup program (Crashplan, Mozy, etc.) to backup your sequences off site.
4) Use a file synchronization program (dropbox.com, etc.) to have a copy of your sequences saved 'in the cloud.'
5) Copy the files to a CD every night.

Remember: You should save the sequence files and the audio files. It might not be a bad idea to backup your entire LOR data directory. This is *usually* in the "Light-O-Rama" folder within your "My Documents" directory. 

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