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Ok cheated but has to be an easier way. I opened se, opened the .lms and the sup.lms. Copied and pasted each ribbon from sup to the pixie16 in the lms. Works but that is long and tedious. 

I have exported the intensity file and my props are at the bottom of the SE. but I can not get them to play a the sequence. 

I have been using a channel in SE LABLED sequence (device type sequence). Exported from SS in legacy format and everything works. But now that I have a pixie16 vs the cr150d(silver boxes) I'm stuck  



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If you want to use copy/paste into a pixie16, then first make sure you are using the latest version which is v4.3.14 because there were some bugs in copy/paste in some of the recent versions.

You can then create a Pixie 16 controller in your Sequence Editor file.

When exporting from superstar, choose Legacy format, and uncheck "include macro channels". This is because pixie controllers do not have macro channels.

Open the exported file in the Sequence Editor and you should be able to copy/paste all rows from the exported superstar file into the Pixie 16 controller that you added.


If you want to use intensity data, you need to do the following:

1) make sure the com listener is running, the com listener is running if you see the little LOR light bulb at the bottom right of your screen. If you don't see it, go to the list of LOR programs and run "Control Panel"

2) launch the Sequence Editor, click on the Edit menu, then Preferences, then Network Preferences. 

    Click on Advanced, For the network that is running your pixie controller, click on that row and a dialog box should pop up.

    In that dialog box, on the right side, select "enhanced"

You should now be able to run the intensity data

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