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Shorten LED Lights


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OK, I'm losing my mind on this one, anyone try shortening LED lights?    I'm building the singing snowman right now and trying to shorten the LED lights for the display.    I've tried two different strands and they turn on for one second and quit.   It doesn't blow the fuse in the plug but they just won't work anymore.

If you look at the attached picture, I'm cutting the yellow wire as it leaves the first bulb.   The red and blue wire are twisted together after the last bulb.


The lights are from Ace Hardware, BTW they are on sale til end of the month.

Celebrations 50 Ct LED Cool WhiteTraditional Mini Light Set (40831-71)




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21 minutes ago, BigSteveG said:

From initial research, sounds like I need a resistor to drain the remaining voltage. 

120V / bulb count = 2.4V per bulb

You could possibly substitute a higher voltage bulb OF THE SAME mA rating (to maintain the same brightness of all bulbs)


If you removed more than 3 bulbs, you probably burnt out a bulb (3*2.4=7.2 which is within normal line variation).

IMHO Capping extra bulbs is simpler.

BTW the fuse mostly protects the wire from overloading the daisy chain outlet. A string is a few hundred mA. the fuse is 3-5A

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You can get the 100 count Home Accent LED from Home Depot. These strings can be cut into three sections.

I don't know if 33 LEDs fits your project. For me it allows a 8.25 foot span. The cost is cheaper than buying 35 count sets.

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Thanks, great feedback!   For now, I'm just going to tuck the extra bulbs in the back.   It's getting to close to showtime at this point.




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