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Taking 32 sequence and converting to 16


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Hey Everyone..

  I purchased a Showtime Central, and really have no plans on writing my own sequences until the next 12 months...for next year.  At this point, I'm buying sequences, and them just copying them over to a SD card

and "plug and playing"...so to speak.  My question is, for sequences that are over 16 channels...how difficult is it to only "copy over", so to speak, the 1st 16 channels so i can use the sequence.

   LOR says I can use the Simple Show Builder to load my card...but not sure which software I use to edit the sequence down to 16.  Thanks!

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If you have the editable version you can just copy paste 16 of the LOR channels to your show. You will have to figure out which channels to use. If you are just starting out LOR has the recommended or "typical" setup by channels on the site.

You will need an SD card (non Sandisk). I am sure you do not want to "copy over" or lose the nice quality sequence you paid for.

You open the sequence in SE and then open another SE page with new sequence and copy the channels from LOR to your channel config. I am not sure if you can do this without the editable version. 


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