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How did Light O Rama start?


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What is the back story of Light O Rama?  How did they start?  How did they grow?  How did they come up with the name  LightORama?

What is the history of LightORama?

Any insider want to compose a history of where you came from? I'd be interested!



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Well you see there is this guy, Dan Baldwin, who came from a very large family. Dan had a total of 14 brothers and sisters and every year their father would have them sit on the roof, sit in the windows and doorways and had them all carry flashlights. Their father would dress up as Santa turn on the music and all the children were instructed to turn their flashlights on and off in sync with the music while their father greeted all who passed by. Well after a few years of this Dan came up with this bright idea to automate it so they could retire their flashlights and the children could go on and lead a normal life and their father could retire as well.

Now, years later, Dan is a millionaire, living life and dad is reitired. All the children have moved on but once a year they all get together at the Holidays for that Great Christmas lightshow.

The End.

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