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2017 Kids Pick "You're Welcome"


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Kids pick for 2017.  i need better capture software, this doesn't seem to keep up with everything.

You're Welcome - Moana




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I really didn't see your audio get to off track. I had a similar issue, that after a few minutes of screen capture the audio would lag behind the video. I did some research and found a trick that may help you. It involves setting a higher priority for your screen capture program. By setting this higher priority, it doesn't stay that way, meaning each time you want to do a screen capture you will have to set it again.
See the gif below. I made it based on Windows 10, but it is do-able in all version of windows just may be different screens.

Hope this helps

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i'll try that next time, thanks.

My issue is more with the video, I can see some movements on the singing tree and mini trees that are missed. 

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On 12/14/2017 at 6:11 AM, B.Y.R.G. said:

Nice display and like how you sequenced the song....good job!  Which kids, little or adult size?  I'm guessing both.

Mostly the young...lol.  It plays right after my Frozen mashup so the kids get a little worked up

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