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changing channels blues

jimmy sartain

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hi . i was wondering if there was a quicker way to change the preferences  when you change the device type in the channel settings in sequence editor . i am adding some dmx channels and when i click on the channel to change controllers from lor to dmx on channel settings every one is the default LOR CONTROLLER, is there a way i can change the settings to dmx universe on multiple channels. Changing each channel (512DMX channels in each universe)  from a LOR controller to DMX UNIVERSE  in each sequence, christmas will be over before i get one  done. When setting the channels  0n  the LOR controllers, it will let you change 16 at a time, is there a simular way when setting channels to DMX    .

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Yea, instead of changing the channels, create new ones using Insert device which allows inserting an entire universe in one shot.  Then copy and paste the sequence information from the old channels to the new channels.  Last step is to create a channel group for all the old channels and then delete the group (much faster than deleting each channel one by one).


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