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Devices Respond different when talking to the hardware utility software or the sequence editor


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We have a 4 network light display, when I plug into each network individually and run the hardware utility besides a few issues here and there that we are fixing all units on that network respond.  When I shut down the hardware utility and open the sequence editor to test a sequence almost all devices that were working either respond sporatically, don't respond, and it seems random.  All device can be seen from the utility software, all devices have power, all are networked and cables have been tested.  We are using Pixie 16s and 160xWG3 dimmers.  Any thoughts?

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First thought when you said Pixie 16 is the Unit IDs are wrong.  Remember that each string on a Pixie will have a different Unit ID, and that those IDs count in hexadecimal and not decimal.  In other words, the next string after 09 is 0A, NOT 10.


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