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Issue with Insert Superstar Effects (S5) and SS Groups


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I have found an issue when trying to Insert Superstar Effects into S5 Sequencer when the Superstar effects have been saved as a group.

This picture shows the individual effects I entered into SS. If I use the individual effects like this to Insert Superstar effect into S5, then all works well.


This is a partial view of what the effects do on the prop. I say partial because the full effect will be 3 blades spinning. Hence the groups.


If I group all the SS effects, then try to Insert Superstar Effects" into S5, I get an error message box and nothing is brought in from Superstar.



When I look up line 5268 on my text editor, it is the last line and is blank. There is no line 5269.


This will happen if I try to Insert Superstar Effects as an entire saved .sup file, or if I copy/paste this group into the Insert Superstar Effect area.

As a side note, when grouping the individual effects in SS, it tells me there are 242 effects, and that the Undo Feature is limited to 100 effects. The effects do group and play fine. Is this limit have something to do with the above error.

This effect worked on the props in S4, when it was copy/pasted into Sequence Editor. I just noticed this issue using the Insert Superstar Effect into S5.

When fully constructed this effect has several groups overlapping each other to create the time I need it to play.

For now my workaround will be to add the individual effects.


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Thanks for reporting this. I duplicated the bug and have fixed it. The fix will be in the next S5 release.

Also, the bug was not related to the message about not being able to undo the effects.

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