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Hardware Utility Will not Test Lights/Pixie 4 Card Issue?


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Hopefully, I am missing something either via the Hardware Utility Software versus Pixie 4 Card.  Using Version 4.3.18 Pro, I can program my card to 01 and seems to read fine with everything else on the Hardware Utility.  I had all 4 ports with 1Pixel strip, 50 pixels per port, light up solid white briefly only on port 1 and found some wiring and connection issues.  After remedying them (ohmed them out and made sure each string/wire was correct) prior to reconnecting and now each string still lights up solid white.  I tried the HU test to go through the color and nothing happened and blew the fuse (fuse on order) while reconnecting one of the port lights.  I have tested the utility on a CTB16 and it works great.  There are a few more cards to program (Pixie 16, 8 and another 4 each with different WS2811 pixel strips and pixels) and am wondering if I am going in the right direction or the card is bad (my fault probably).   This is my first time in programming the pixel cards so this is new to me and using the LOR website videos on programing them. It seems I am following the LOR videos to a tee but need some guidance or helpful tips to figure this out before there is another "accident"/frustration of the rest of the cards. 

Thank you everybody in advance!

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There are a few things to check: 

-make sure the wires are connected properly. WS2811 has three wires, 12v, data, neg (no clock)

-ensure the correct end of the strip is connected, data only flows in one direction through the lights, look for the arrow.

-NEVER connect or disconnect lights when the board is powered.

-double check the voltage being supplied to the board is correct.

You didn't tell us what voltage so I am assuming 12v.

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