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Greetings from Ireland

Irish Alan

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Hello everyone,

My name is Alan 

I am new to the LOR world


I found my way here    after watching some pretty cool amazing videos on youtube, 

each year I decorate the outside of  house using regular led lights, and the merry Christmas board message signs. Yesterday I discovered the LOR range and the amazing 12ft Animated tree featuring Bruno mars music,  I was blown away!!   

Can somebody go through a list    of what I need to purchase, So I might be able to buy this tree, with the music background,  Does the soundtrack play through a speaker, or a transmitter FM radio station ect, 


I would love to get an idea of everything that I would need for this product,

I am living in Europe, Ireland, so the power adapter  would need to be slightly different.

I look for ward to hearing all of the other members   help and suggestions on this, I know I have came to the right place


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If you look at the light o rama website all there controllers have a 240v option. It was for me easiest to start with http://store.lightorama.com/rese16chstpa.html sounds like you already have lights. Next you'll need lots of extension cords. If you want to do an animated tree a good place to start would be http://store.lightorama.com/copitrkit.html

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