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What program actually plays my sequences?


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Ok, so I am an IT guy, so pretty technical, but being somewhat humbled.  I would like to confirm which app I actually use to play a sequence?  Reason I ask is that I can control my lights manually via hardware utility with no issue.  But nothing when using Sequence Editor, is this normal?  I would assume that when I play a sequence that I just made in the editor that it should also control the lights for testing?

I just want to make sure I am using the correct software before troubleshooting.  Thanks!

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1) Only one program can control the com port at a time. If you opened Hardware Utility (HWU) first, it took control of the com port.

2) In the Sequence Editor (SE) make sure you see a blue dot at the bottom right. This lets you know that it has connectivity to the com port, and would be able to control the lights. Also, make sure "Control Lights" is checked under "Play"

3) When you go to schedule shows to run 'live' the software will control the lights with nothing else open. Remember, the software will need control of the com port at that time, so you will get errors when you open the HWU while the show is playing, as it won't be able to get to the com port.


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