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Pixcon 16 HELP


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I have a pixcon16 I used last year on a trial run with no problem. I plugged it in this year and it found the controller in network preference under find/configure Pixcon16. I checked the j3/j4 box because I was going to use it on LOR mode. Even swapped the jumpers to LOR mode. Couldn't ever get that to work so decided to go back to what I used last year with E1.31. I now cannot find the board at all in network preference or talk to the board. I have reset the jumpers on the J3/J4 port back to ESTA and reset the board to factory default on advice from LOR customer service.

I am connected through a router that has  settings of


my computer is set to


Pixcon should be since it's been reset to factory default 

I have reset the pixcon16 to factory default and forced it to default IP but still get nothing. Currently green light is solid while the red status light is flashing slowly. I also only show a solid yellow light on the Ethernet port and nothing on the green Ethernet light which I'm not sure if that's normal or not. The manual doesn't give a chart for solid yellow and no green light for the ethernet port.

I am running v4.3.18 on the LOR Suite

Any help would be appreciated. This is my first year doing a full show and I am getting frustrated.



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Download the latest LOR version (4.3.24) I believe as .18 had a problem with the network utility that's been fixed in the newest version.  From what you typed, you have everything in place to be successful.

If you're running LOR, then you'll need the adaptor as it runs a different protocol than e1.31.  You didn't mention that you are trying to use it but in LOR mode, it's required.


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I don’t have a Pixcon, but I remember someone commenting a year or so ago that one of the following conditions is true:

If you are using E1.31, then the LOR network MUST be disconnected 


If you are using LOR networking, then the Ethernet network MUST be disconnected. 

Sorry, I don’t remember which it was.  See if that helps you out.


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