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Hello All!

I have 80 channels of LOR boards I would like to sell. I stopped doing holiday displays around 2011 and unfortunately I no longer have the time to do them anymore. My boards were purchased from 2006 to 2010/11.

I have the following:

One CTB 16D for $75 plus shipping

Eight CTB 08 for $40 a piece plus shipping


I am not sure on what generation they are, as I am out of touch with the times, but they were purchased between 2006 and 2010/11.


I am not looking to sell these controllers for top dollar considering they are used and older. I really would just like to free up storage space in my house.



I haven't ran any of the equipment since 2011 I will test them upon request. I bought the boards pre- soldered and I added the cords and weather proof boxes myself. I do not plan on selling the controller boxes and cords. I was trying to sell these controllers back to LOR because I would prefer to have them run the appropriate safety tests on them  before reselling, but they have no interest. To my knowledge there are no safety or malfunction issues (and I will test them for what I can control, like do the channels and boards work?). Please note, I am not an engineer and I learned how to splice my own cords that I bought from a hardware store and I built the weather proof boxes on my own (through help from Planet Christmas and Dan Baldwin), I highly doubt anything happened from these actions in tandem with the years of use but I tend to be a safety conscious person.......Therefore, in regards to safety, its a matter of play at your own risk. 


I can post pictures if necessary, but for now I first would like to find if there is any interest.


I also have an Ramsey FM transmitter and adapter purchased around 2007. Make me an offer if interested. 


Please contact me if interested, we can even communicate over the phone to speed things up.


Thank you,


Brett Radka


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I have already received an offer for all of the controllers, however, if that offer falls through I will contact you . Thank you for your interest. 

The fm transmitter is still available. 

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