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Camcorders with Mic Jack - Imput FM Audio?


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Plan on getting a dedicated camcorder in the future to improve light display videos.  

Have played around with MS Moview Market and struggle somewhat  since I'm visually impaired. 

Instead of trying to sync a MP3 with  video in MM for better quality videos, can a camcorder with mic jack handle sound from a plugged in personal FM radio? 


Did load the older version of MM which is much easier for me to see but appears to have filevideo file type limitations.


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That is how I record my video's. I use an older am-fm radio, then tie wrap and attach it to my tripod. I actually use a y cable and split that audio, 1 line to the mic input and 1 line to my headset. Works good. just be careful not to have the volume up real high on the radio. I then setup a record play schedule in show editor and in that schedule I put a few second audio snip of a song in between the songs, so I know when to start recording again for the next song/show. Hence why the headset.

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