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High speed adapter(red)


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I am very new to this  pixel side of lor, have purchased a high speed adapter.

After  configuring and  plugging it in  I then went to hardware and did the refresh to look for my 6 units CB100D's and it comes back with as many as 51 units found

I am wondering what  step I have left out ,any help  clearing this up would be greatly appreciated

Also when I do this same searh/refresh while using the standard adapter it always finds the 6 units

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You must have one in Legacy mode

UUnit ID Mode (Defaut
lt is Dual Normal)
means one unit ID for all 320 channels.
means up to twenty sequential unit IDs
depending upon the configured
logical resolution.
Dual Normal
means two consecutive unit IDs. The
configured unit ID is string 1 and ID+1 is string 2.
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