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SuperStar Pointing to wrong directory


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In S4 the SS is pointing to the wrong directory for instance sequencing and I not sure how to change the directory so that when it is looking for the instance sequence files when I performs the Instant rendering. The only why I got to work was to move the .scb files to that location.

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What version are you running?

When you do an install, the installer sets where your light-o-rama folder is. The default location is "My Documuments / Light-O-Rama" but there is a place in the install where you can set it differently if you want.

You can see where the location of your light-o-rama folder is by launching superstar, click the File menu and select "import visualization pair". In the "Import Visualization Pair" dialog box it shows the entire path of where it is expecting the visualization files to be. In the case of visualization files they will be at:

c:/ (your lightorama folder) / Visualizations / Editor / (visualization file)

And the location of the .scb files (the clipboard files) will be at:

c:/ (your lightorama folder) / SuperStar / Clipboards

Also, the other thing to be aware of is that after doing an install, the .scb files don't get placed into their location until the first time you run the Sequence Editor. Have you launched the Sequence Editor since the last time you installed?

Also, what really happens is that the first time you run the Sequence Editor after an install, the Sequence Editor runs a program called LORPost.exe that LORPost.exe is what places the .scb files in their proper place. And occasionally you have to manually launch LORPost.exe. So you can try running LORPost.exe manually. Do this by using file explorer and looking for LORPost.exe in one of the following two places and double clicking on LORPost.exe

c:/ Program Files / Light-O-Rama / LORPost.exe

c:/ Program Files (x86) / Light-O-Rama / LORPost.exe

If the above does not help, send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and we can schedule a time for me to remote into your computer.

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HI Brian,

What I did was update to S5 and thought at the time I could keep S4 also so I pointed installed S5 into a separate folder within the Light o Rama main folder. Of course I found out it removes S4 and you can only use S5 so after awhile trying out S5 I need to revert back to S4 due to time constraints learning a new system. So I uninstalled S5 and cleaned up everything an then installed the latest version of S4 however it seems there was issues with location directories. Anyways I will try your suggestions to see if this works however I have it working fine for now.

Thanks for your suggestions


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