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looking for deadmans party sequence


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Hey gang, I haven't been on the forum in years and I've been using the same sequences for 7 years now.  Ever since my grandkids moved in with us. My wife would really like to run Deadmans Party this year and I still don't have time to sequence it .We use foam pumpkins to sing along with the music. We call them our pumpkin choir. What I really need is the timing marks for the vocals because that is what takes forever. I have the music as long as the sequence hasn't been edited. I haven't made a sequence in years so if anyone has a sequence they'd be willing to share I'd be grateful. Back when I started LOR we shared sequences along with music all the time and it appears it is now frowned upon. That sucks but I get it. Anyhoo...................if you're willing, please send it to darenleitch@gmail.com          Thanks in advance.

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