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Limit of 64 pixels when applying SS effect with S5


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For years this is how I have had my SS setup to sequence my 3 circles.


Now, when trying to Apply a Superstar Effect in S5 SE, I am limited to 64 pixels.



Is this going to change or be an adjustable number at some point? It has been very handy to sequence the circles like this as it helps with movement, timing, etc...


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Sorry about that, this is a really bad bug that I introduced in a recent release. The bug is in the error checking that is done when superstar is launched by the S5 sequencer. And the bug happens with most previews that superstar sees as being horizontal. The error checking code thinks there is a problem but there is not. The bug has been fixed in the next release.

Send me an email at brian@superstarlights.com and I can give you more details

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