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Clipboard Not Working


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Hello, I have new songs to work on this year but most of them i was going to making copies of particular sequences from previous songs on the clipboard. Now the clipboard says its failed to open under my C/ drive, so i cant copy big sequences, i tried to locate it under where the error was and it does have a clipboard file in the area. so i thought maybe it was a program issue so i re downloaded the ss program and put all the files on desktop and still failed to open. im not sure what to do. Is there a fix? 

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Never had a problem with the clipboard and I use it somewhat regularly in SuperStar.  What version are you using?


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Are you doing the following:

1)  launch superstar

2) click on the Edit menu and select "Load/Save Clipboard"

3) select some effects

4) click on the "save Clipboard to File" button

At what point does it give an error? What is the exact text of the error?

What version of superstar are you running?

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Send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and I can set up a time to remote into your computer and see what is happening.

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