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C9 spacing / Pixel RGB LED Rectangle Module


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 I have 2 questions.

     First question I bought 4" and 8" spacing C9 bulbs. I bought one for the top of yard fence ( 3' ) high and the other for the roof on a 2 story house. I want to be 100% sure my memory is correct. I think I bought the 4" spacing for the fence and the 8" spacing for the roof. Is my memory correct?

     Second question for some reason I bought Pixel RGB LED Rectangle Module.  Either I made a mistake when i order them or I bought them for some reason and can't remember. I bought them in April on sale and they got delivered in August. I have 6 of 20 count smart with 6" spacing. What can I use them for? I seen how to make spot lights out of them. I already have spot lights. There any projects that can use them, like candy canes, trees stars??

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Honestly, since we are not mind readers, we have no idea where you planned to use your purchases.  You have permission to use them where ever you want or send them to me. :-)

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Leave yourself design notes in the future. I have a folder full of sketches including the 'materials needed' estimates.

Not all get ordered.

Not all get built or completed (eyes are bigger than Ability  :( )


Find a place, and hang them. If you like the results (after dark) make a note  that this was Good. If not, try something else next time.

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For your first question, as others have stated, we have no idea what your intentions were.  However, assuming that the roofline is farther away from the audience, the wider spacing would likely be better there.  Try them and if you don't like it, swap them.

For your second question, I have some similar modules that I plan to use on some candy canes from Holiday Coro.  You might post a link to the lights you have so we will know exactly what you have and can better evaluate your options.


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