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Looking for help in starting to make my own sequences


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Hello everyone,

ive been working with LOR for about 5 years now, the past two I got into modifying the sequences that I purchased early on (I only have 6)  This past year I added rgb to everything I have and it seems to have went well. I want to take the next step and start making everything for myself as I assume it would be a much more "fitting"  (for lack of a better word) display made specifically for my layout. Now what I'm looking for is a simple Halloween sequence or two that anyone would be willing to share to help me visualize what I'm doing as I go. I've started working on the walking dead theme song as my first attempt because it is repetitive and has no vocals so that would be perfect however I would be more then happy with anything the average user might consider "easy". My email address is Sean55455@gmail.com. Thank you to anyone who considers helping get a newbie moving in the right direction.



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