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Need help getting my ferris wheel moving


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I have an old Gemmy ferris wheel. I know these things were cheaply made from the get go. That said, the wheel and creatures that ride it are in good shape. The motor is shot.

Looking for any suggestions.....errr, cheap suggestions on how to get it rotating.

Now, I have read about people using wiper motors to animate their props. I saw the whole kit, everything you'd need on Monsterguts.

My question is, even if I bought that kit, I'd have no idea how to even attach it to the wheel. I mean, NO IDEA. Clueless. I am not mechanically inclined at all.

Looking for a little bit of help is someone is willing.


The picture is not mine, but is the same wheel I have.



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Scott doesn't get on this forum much anymore, but might pm him - LIGHTZILLA. He has built trains, merry-go-rounds and ferris wheels. Nice guy. 


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Roxxxtar, I not sure but were is the original motor located, I am assuming its located at the center either on the left or right side of the wheel also did you already taken it apart ? The reason I am asking is from my research the motor is using a belt system that stretches which then will not turn the wheel. If it is the motor all you need to do is look at its motor and find one that has the same shaft, voltage, revolution, and size.

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