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Lots of commercial sources, and also some in the Sequence Sharing section of the forum.


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Google Ray Wu go to his aliexpress store. However, if you decide to purchase from him send him a message for his price including shipping. WHile you add stuff to your cart prior to doing so just watch the shipping cost. It will be extreme. That is just how the aliexpress system works.

You need to make a list

16 strands of pixels but what volts?

Power Supply


Heigth of tree

I used the Pixie16 - found it was very easy to set up, a little confusing to make my vis file but that was due to lack of knowledge on my part. The pixie has ran flawlessy since Feb or so. (Honorable mention to Bob, Jim above and Mr. P) helped tremendously with my vis and channel config issues.

My pixels I got cheaper on ebay than anywhere else and I have not had 1 bad strand.

I just completed building my tree and posted on the forums the build. It was a 2 phase project. Phase 1- get a test tree up and running. Phase 2- Improvements and thoughts.

The tree I built was from LOR CCR 16 Tree kit. LOR stands behind their products.

I will be building a pixel megatree and my big to me 4X8 matrix with my other pixels.

All of my pixels are 12v. Originally I used 2 power supplies to build my pixie16's however I would change that to a single 600-700 watt Meanwell PS next time. I do have 2 more pixie16's to build. Total of 5.

With just starting out with pixels I read about the Pixcon16 being a little more difficult to set up so I opted for the ease of pixie16.

If you have any questions from a first year pixel person feel free to ask.

And yes, there are a lot of sequences for ribbon trees. A bunch right here for free. Just search for the "sequence sharing" threads. My great friend James Morris as well as others that share.


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