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Static display plus animation sequences


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Newbie question: as I look at info in planning my purchases and foray into this:

I want to be able to have my lights on static display as well as run animation sequences; e.g. just steady lights for periods of time and then initiate animation sequences. I had about 11,000 led lights on strings, nets and props out last year. I want to be able to have lights static on and then initiate as needed. Another example would be to just have a bank of lights blinking and the rest on for static display.  I still prefer to run a show from a card rather than a PC.

It looks to me that the Showtime Director package running from card does not allow for anything but  a sequences (from card or PC) unless you program in static (on) lights for period of time. Seem like a lot of trouble to have to program the lights just to be on. 

Then I looked at the gen3 MP3 Director and it has timing and 6 other trigger options.  But still looks like a lot of programming to do this.

Do any of you have a set up with a manual on-off ( no animation) and then another trigger that starts/stops animation and allows for lights to just be on?

Not sure I am asking the right question.



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Hi Tharkun,


Welcome to the addiction! :P

There really is no way to have the same string(s) be on and then start to be animated unless you do program that string to be "ON" for a certain amount of time as an animation sequence (no music) and keep doing loops of that time. Probably the best alternative is to dedicate some of your display as static and have them come on manually or on timers then at whatever time you want your show to start other strings can be an animated show of lights.

Hope this helps and again welcome!




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