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S5 SS updates to S4?


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Some of the updates you added to S5 are ones we have been wanting for years.  Like the priority morph. 


I was hoping to upgrade to S5 but it is looking more like PE than LOR.  Maybe one day I will convert.  But for me, I would rather program in SS.  


So, is it possible to get some of those new features into S4 SS?



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Sax, you are not the only one.  I also have sequenced essentially entirely in SuperStar for years.  I had never been able to get PE to do anything useful at all until I started playing with S5 (and barely can now).  My original description of the 5.0.0 beta shortly after it came out was that it was an updated version of PE with a little SE tossed in.  Heck, I have not sequenced in SE in several years except to edit the one required channel in a .lms file (it's a fan that is on all the time).

Having played with the S5 beta quite a bit since it came out, my opinion is that the current SuperStar integration is horrible.  Granted that improved SuperStar integration IS stated to be on the "we'll get there" list.  The fact that most anything but props that at least sort of resemble a matrix are so badly mangled that they are worthless (pixel tree is OK now) - you should see what it does to my pixel star.  Second is that MANY lights don't have the "Insert SuperStar commands" option available (possibility that I don't know how).  With Visualizer going away, we will have no way to make changes to a show configuration unless the Preview designer can actually do a useful export to SuperStar (which it currently does not do at all - SuperStar can't read the "Export to SuperStar" file format (and I note that button no longer exists)).  In my opinion, for the Preview Designer to be useful for SuperStar, it ABSOLUTELY MUST be able to:

1) Create a layout file for the entire show that SuperStar can import - similar to how we use a Visualizer file to build the configuration in S4.

2)  Define locations for elements to place them on the SuperStar grid - similar to the SuperStar commands in the S4 Visualizer.  This is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL!!!!

Without those two items (or something that accomplishes the same function), LOR is killing SuperStar.  Until those two capabilities exist in S5, major SuperStar users will be stuck in S4 - PERIOD!

Personally I hope that these are added to S5, as it would be nice to be able to add an occasional PE effect to sequences that are otherwise entirely created in SuperStar.

OK, off my soapbox...


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I agree with k6ccc. I use SuperStar mainly. I would be lost without the visualizer. I have used PE some,  but it is too complicated for my old mind to understand. No video tutorials hard for me to figure out importing props etc. I guess I will stay with S4 until it quits. When that happens, I'll quite too.

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For those that sequence mostly in superstar you probably will want to stick with S4 this year. Many have asked that the new superstar features be put into S4.  There is a new S4 release is in the works and all the new superstar features will be in that release along with some bug fixes. I am not authorized to say exactly when the new release will happen, but when it does happen it will include:

New Features:

Added Preferences dialog box, Added Layer Priority Feature

Added Transparent, Semi-Transparent, and Solid in the Effect dialog boxes

Added "Move or Scale Selected Effects..." dialog box (accessed through the Tools menu)

Improved Image Group Modify dialog box so that moving text actions has the same interface as the other Group dialog boxes

Added speed control for twinkle and shimmer in the scene and morph dialog boxes

Added Silhouette Mask feature to images

Added ability to change and create folders in the Load/Save Clipboard dialog box. (Also, Theme clipboard files are now in the System folder.)

In the Manipulate Image dialog box, added the ability to increase or decrease the brightness of and image

In the Morph Group Modify dialog box, added "Shorten/Lengthen Tails" option


Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug where the number of rows in the Timing Map for Instant Sequence was being set to 3
Also, the code was not seeing when the number of rows changed, and thus the Timing Map typically did not match the actual number of rows.

Fixed a bug where if it is a CCR wedge tree with lots of strands and it is counter clockwise, the code thinks it is clockwise and the order of the strands is reversed.

Superstar was using an audio centisecond length that was 40 centiseconds less than the real centisecond length.


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The 4.3.22 release has the most recent SuperStar code in it. In other words, the New Features and Bug Fixes mentioned in my previous post are available NOW. Please download and try it out!

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