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Questions about using a LED messaging sign for display


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So a friend of mine dropped this off today.  It came out of a factory that was using it to display assembly line information, date, time, ect.  They were going to throw it in the dumpster, but he grabbed it and knew I could use it.

I thought about using this to display the time, possibly song titles and scroll the tune into radio station as well.

Has anyone used one of these in their display?  Was there anything special you needed to do with setup in LOR, or is it treated as a regular matrix?




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IIRC Those include a message controller which gets Static  (the controller stores the commands) display  Serial cable input.

You might get lucky and find a location where you can split the controller from the matrix., but then, you might find that it is just a X-point matrix that LOR has no simple control of.

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