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Sequencing a 2 CCR length circle

Randal Trecha

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Is there a Layout option for sequencing, (auto) a larger circle. I need a circle with 2 ribbons, end to end, circumference ~33'. If I enter more then one CCR in the "Nbr of CCRs (1-64)" field, it creates more than 1 circle. Just want one big circle.

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You will have to make a visualization in the visualizer and import the visualization.

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The S5 sequencer has the ability to import visualizer visualizations.

That said, there may be visualizations that don't import the way you expect. Those wrinkles will be ironed out over time. The bottom line is that if you are using visualizations you probably will want to stick with S4 this year.

But next year you will want to use S5 because the creation of previews in the S5 sequencer is usually easier to do than creation of visualizations. 

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