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Spt1 wire with female taps


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Hi all! It's been a while so I hope this hasn't been addressed, although I did not find anything on it:

i want to fill dead space on my walls (not just lights on window and roof edge) with vertical runs every 3 or 4 feet. I want to do 3 colors with one channel for each, can I run a single stp1 for each channel under my eaves with female vampire plugs spaced out along the length for each drop?  

The lights will be 50 and 100 count LED lights. Anyone see issues with doing this or would it be safer/ better just to keep the lights in series and hide or camouflage the excess? Hope that makes sense.



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Go for it. LED's make this (max power consumption) almost worry free.

If it were incans, I would not run the vampire PLUG (tota.l load) hard. For that, Screw Terminals

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