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Software Issue (Windows Installer)


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When I open up the SE, a thing pops up from "Windows Installer" (First box)

Then, it goes to the 2nd box, and when you click OK, it goes to the 3rd. Then, once you click ok, it displays the 4th box.

Then it won't open any LOR programs. Any ideas? I just reinstalled XP yesterday, and thsi is my first time opening LOR. I need to sequence a Dance tonight...so I'd like to get it working tonight.


Attached files 152980=8869-LOR error.JPG

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After you reinstalled XP, did you also do a new install of LOR?

If not, my first guess is a registery issue.

You might try reinstalling LOR, to see if it will rewrite the registery entries.

Perhaps other computer gurus will have other suggestions

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I just reinstalled LOR...and everything seemed to work fine. I have NO clue what it was...but I'm glad it works now.

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