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Ok so like the title says I just got a new computer and I've installed LOR on the new computer and transferred my files over. For some odd reason I for the life of me can not get visualizer to work. I've even gone as far as just creating some test vis files, created a sequence in super star with the new vis file, exported to SE, hit play on the visualizer then hit play on SE with the freshly exported sequence which was created using the freshly created vis file and i get nothing on the visualizer. Any help would be appreciated. 



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It never fails. You ask for help and then you figure out the problem. 

Under SE< Play for some reason the Control Visualizer option was unchecked. Checking it fixed my program. 

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I just went through that with my new laptop a couple months ago.

The Wed night my new laptop WIN10 decided it needed an update. So I let it update. Took all night. Got up rebooted, took forever. Put my headset on to start syncing some more singing faces and headset didn't work.

Took me 2 hours between troubleshooting, googling and finding drivers. 

I didn't have any problem when I first got the laptop with Win 10 already on it. Go figure. I thought after many years my needed headset was toast.

Don't you just love it


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