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Ver 4 versus Ver 3 Look and Feel


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Being visually impaired, I generally hate upgrading software because of changes.  Especially with swtiches to icons and a light and airy look.   Ver 3.12 has been doing what I want and haven't considered upgrading to 4 until recently. 


Have used Xlight and think I can handle  Pixel Editor ok based on a video turturial I viewed.  But for Sequence Editor, are there any changes to the look and feel of V4 versus V3?  Other than a few screen shots of SE in the Pixel Editor video, haven't found a video on V4 SE.  It bascially looks like v3 in menu and icon layout? I don't do well with icons and relye  on  top menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc.).


So  in V4, will I find all the menu bar options that are in V3?

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It's been over two years since I have run S3, but I recall that the menus are about the same.  A bunch of new features however.


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You can always install S4 in demo mode and see if you like it or not.  Just create a backup copy of all your sequences and if you don't like it you can go back to S3.

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