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Hello everyone, I downloaded the Visualizer and uploaded a picture of my house, from there I continued drawing different lines/bulbs on my house. How do I animate this picture? Are they any tutorials on how to upload a sequence and run it in Visualizer? Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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There is a lot more to the visualizer then just drawing up a scene and playing. The visualizer plays off the sequence you create/play in the sequence editor so the visualizer channels must match exactly what your sequence editor channels are named, So if you have a channel in the sequence editor named "House Eaves 1" then that same channel in the visualizer must have that exact same name or it won't find it. The visualizer and sequence editor work hand in hand.


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25 minutes ago, Don said:

Thanks, Mr. P. I'd forgotten I recorded that video.

Just passing along how I learned.  :)

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3 hours ago, KylesChristmas said:

Bump. Still learning, anymore advice/tips?

I feel your pain. Everyone learns differently at different speeds. I took to SE and SS like fish to water but struggled with visualizer for a while! exactly what problems are you having? Don and MrP gave a great link to follow but I prefer using this: http://www.lightorama.com/help/tutorial.htm. this link will give you step by step instructions how to create your first vis and run a simulation. It also includes a one time step that some, not all (mine did) computers need. If your more visual learner than maybe the link Mr P gave is more suited. Once you have followed both links and are still having problems, again, what problems are you having? 

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