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I have a 12 string rgb tree that I want to turn into a 24 string rgb tree. Does superstar have the ability to scale a sequence made for a 12 string into a 24 string? Xlights has the ability to do this and I was hoping superstar does too but I do not see it. Thanks

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superstar has the ability to stretch or shrink the number of pixels per string, but it does not have the ability to stretch the number of strings.

The reasoning is that the resolution of the strings is typically 50 or more pixels, and that gives enough resolution to stretch or shrink and still have it look pretty good.

But the resolution in the other direction is low, typically 12 or 16. If you try to stretch 12 into 16 you have to either duplicate every 3 string, or have 4th string be a mixture of two strings. Either way, it doesn't look real good. But I have had several people ask for it, so I should look into doing it. The easiest way is to duplicate strings. In your case it would mean duplicating every string, meaning that you would have 12 pairs of strings where the two strings in each pair would be doing the same thing.

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