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S4 or Visualizer problem or Both


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10w 8 Flood set, with controller all from LOR.  I am doing the sequencing in the SE mode using the S4 pro software.

I think that perhaps I have more than 1 issue, so lets start at the beginning and go from there. AFTER a couple of Emails from the help desk I'm now able to change color for the 8 floods,  when using the  playback in the Enhanced Rendering Visualizer, I started with a Fade from Black to Red and back down using the "Color Fade Tool" on all 8 floods and it looked like that everything was good. I tried the same thing with Blue, I placed a 2 seconds space between the red and Blue effect and nothing, just the first set of red on play back, maybe I have something set wrong.

In the RGB Setup, I have the Auto link channel settings checked and the LOR Legacy mode unchecked., Set as LOR-- Reg.-unit-- Circuits 1-24, with 8 channel lines each as RGB.

In the Visualizer ALL 8 Floods show the same ID as #1, I'm thinking that this should show as 1 thru 8 . On the Right side I'm only given 1 option ,  props & simple display checked, the drop down shows,   flood 1.

Any and All help would be helpful,


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Assuming for this discussion that all the 8 floods are controlled by the same controller and for this discussion, that controller is unit 01.  With that being the situation, your floods should be in Visualizer as follows:

#1  Unit ID 01, channels 1, 2, & 3,

#2  Unit ID 01, channels 4, 5, & 6,

#3  Unit ID 01, channels 7, 8, & 9,

#4  Unit ID 01, channels 10, 11, & 12,

#5  Unit ID 01, channels 13, 14, & 15,

#6  Unit ID 01, channels 16, 17, & 18,

#7  Unit ID 01, channels 19, 20, & 21,

#8  Unit ID 01, channels 22, 23, & 24.


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