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Sequence Help Needed


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I have added a 12 strip pixel tree to my display for this year & purchased

Burl Ives - You're a mean one Mr. Grinch

for the tree. My problem is I am having a hard time sequencing the rest of the display, been using LOR sequencer for 9 years & just can not figure this one out. 4 arches 12 mini trees 2 spiral trees, 12 RGB dumb strips on roof. These are the major items I need help with. Anyone have the sequence you could send me that may help.

Thanks Mike

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Please take a look at my video, I can clean it up if you want it. (This was from my first year of sequencing, roughly 2014)


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7 hours ago, mmais68569 said:

Thanks but really looking for the Burl Ives version. I will keep this in mind though.


I understand... This is an outdated file too... back before I converted to RGBs. Let me know if you want it. I didn't use it when I hit the RGBs era of lighting.

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