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Show only playing 50 out of 100 nodes


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I made a complete song in PE using 6 - 100 node trees, everything plays fine, when I create a "show" and then play the show using "show on demand" only the first 50 nodes are lighting up. What am I missing?

in HU everything is set to 100 and it tests all fine, its only when I run it through a "show" vs playing right in PE

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in this 1 box im using a LOR Pixie8, 12V, 2 power supplies, 1 feeding each side of the pixie8. 

the pixels are individual RGB 12v nodes that all work great when programming in PE. once i start a demand show to play that sequence outside or PE, it only lights up half of each tree




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i think i got it, i never hit "save intensity data".... I saved it, closed PE and then re r an the show and all pixels light. does this make sense? Ihave to check the tutorials, havent had time

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