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There is a local guy here in St Louis who tells me he has a national lighting business and a bunch of contracts with city parks to do light displays.  To this point he has not done any pixels and he is realizing he is losing customers.  He has asked me to consult with him on a bid he is working for a place many states away from here.     He saw my light show and has contacted me several times and brings up that he wants to pay me.    Anybody know what a lighting consultant gets paid?     He says just say what I want and he will add it to the bid.       Surely this is a fixed bid which could obligate me beyond my interest and ability.    Pointers from anyone? 

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Get some parameters on the project first. Then set a price you'd want to get paid.

Then add more on top of it for the changes they'll want.

Then add profit.


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IMO it's playing with fire.  I'm guessing the guy doesn't know much, if anything, about pixels. 

Several states away?  Who gets called if/when something goes wrong?  Who pays the cost of getting you there and back to fix something or to replace a damaged cat5 cable?


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All of the above.

This is ART.

You need to get paid for your time, not fight the client because they did not like  the results for <excuse>.

Remember, there are really 2 site decorators:  The Prop fabricator (your bosses co) and the lightshow coder/designer (you)


Get HARD milestones in writing.  Get paid by milestone.

BTW establish who OWNS the coded show/ per prop code in the end. The client?  your Boss? You?


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I suggest he should just leave it alone. My impression is he is not qualified. Maybe he should sub-contract it out. If he is in the St. Louis area Try reaching out to

a company called Upstaging Lighting & Trucking. They are one of the biggest if not the biggest trucking and all types of stage lighting in the music entertainment

industry along with doing lighting for the likes from American Idol to The Voice along with many Holiday lighting for many cities. Heck I know of these fellows and

talent seeing for 30 years I was lighting Director for the music group Journey. 

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