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Use a pixie4 with RGB10W flood?


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I want to buy a few of these - http://store.lightorama.com/rgbfl10wa.html

will these run off my regular pixie4 controller?

it says """

  • Requires a DC-PWM driver for RGB effects (use the CMB24D)"""


do i really need a 24 port dumb controller or can i just use the pixie i have, thanks!

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that kinda sucks in a way, i want 1 flood for over my doorway so i need to buy a 24 output $110 controller to do so?

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remember the   output is 24 Monochrome ports  or 8 RGB ports (any combination)

also you will need 1 or 2 power supplies to fully use the board which is divided into 2 banks of 12 mono ports. Bank 1 must be 12V or you need an AUX 12V PSU


I am waiting for the LOR sale , hoping these will be one of the items. I will be using groups of 3 ports to drive each Candy Cane Propeller (each cane now contains White LED strips).


So, there are lots of uses for DUMB ports, Let your imagination loose :)

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If you want a smaller board, LOR sells a 16-channel DC board.  (CMB16D)

One PS of 200W or more will power the CMB24D quite nicely.

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