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12V Pixel and Pixie 16 Controller Power Supply


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On my quest to find a more consolidated power supply option for my 12V 50 strand pixel WS2811's I ran across this option. I will have a 24 strip matrix so 24X50. I will require 2 of the common 350 watt power supplies and they take up a lot of space as well as being close to max out of full white. (IAW my research)

So I ran across an 800watt 56 amp computer ps that may be easier to mount and manage as well as have that huge fan it comes with. I am attempting to consolidate as much as possible, PS and pixie 16 in same box, however miscalculated my original power needs. For 5 v WS2811's I would have needed one 350w ps for my 12v I will need 2. Less mounting options.


The question, do any of you WS2811 gurus see a problem with this chain of thought? It is more costly but less work for me.

Am I over thinking? Its too bad LOR hasn't came out with the pixie16 RTG yet, maybe during the sale, but I need to move along with my current problem.

Thanks to all for your info.



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You may have to play some games to get the power supply to fully turn on. Most PC supplies don't fully power up until the computer tells it to. My guess is that the internet can tell you how to fake it into thinking that there is a computer connected however.
Cabling may be simplified with two supplies depending on what controllers are involved. Remember that if you're carrying 50 plus amps, you need to pay attention to wiring.
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Thank you Jim, I decided to go with the 350w ps's I already have. I ordered 2 huge enclosures with expectations of mounting both ps's and 1 pixie 16 in each of them. Ordered some vents just in case as well. Now back to waiting. When you think you have a plan some things look best on paper.

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I went with the Primex from ebay. The large boxes like you got are nice. I use them for some of my security cameras that are about a mile out in the woods. They house video ballons and other necessary equipment needed to push video and 12dc power over very long distances.

If I were you I would get some 3M 5200 silicone to place around the fan hole. I would also throw a bead of 3M 4200 around the top cover.

The reason for the difference, you will not get the 5200 off after it cures. You will basically have to destroy the box if you ever need to remove the vent, that's how good it is.

The 4200 is pliable. Both are the best MArine grade silicone money can buy. I have used the 5200 submersed in water. Almost instant cure.

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