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Duplicated view of prop???


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As a result of another recent thread in this section of the forum, I just re-read Mike's Best Practices piece.

Even though I consider myself pretty good with Visualizer, this was a good re-read.  It brought up a question however.  Near the bottom of that piece, is the text and graphic shown below that although you can't read it is the small version shown here (and I could not easily grab the full size version), it says "Top Down view of MegaTree?" in the lower right black area.   Maybe I'm reading more into that than was intended, but the way I read that is that you could place a second view of a prop or fixture that presumably would show that prop or fixture from a different angle.  How do you do that?  I could not find anything in the help, and when I tried simply duplicating a prop or fixture it errored out due to duplicated channels when starting the simulation mode.

Mike said:

> Bonus:  Have some extra room?  Want a better look at something?  Those black areas are PERFECT.
tripple threat.jpg


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You can duplicate props, but with 1 important thing to remember:  You can not duplicate any PIXEL key.  So if you have a pixel tree, you can not have a second pixel tree with the same pixels.  A pixel key is either the Universe and Channel (DMX), or for LOR: Network, Unit, Circuit.

Strings on the other hand are OK to duplicate.  In fact, a single channel can be used in up to 16 fixtures.  For example, if you have a 8x4 mega tree (32 normal channels), you can duplicate that.  Rather than copy/paste, I would create a second tree using the Tree wizard.  Adjust the vertical slider so you are looking top-down, and create the tree.  Then run the Channel Wizard and assign the same channels as your 'upright' tree.

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