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2017 Display - Help me design!


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So for next year I'm looking to dive into pixels and dumb rgb a bit for the first time.  I have two dumb 8 (24) channel rgb controllers and am looking at the holiday Coro pre sale for either a pixel tree, or 16 channel (smart controller), or both?  (Heck I'm open to all ideas)

Last year was my first year and I went with the LOR setup bought through WoWlights.  I purchased 5 sequences through them, so I have the rgb and mega tree sequencing if I decide to go with a pixel mega tree.  The other 5 songs I took shared sequences and modified them just using SE so I'd have to figure out how to sequence pixels should I add the pixel tree or add the controller.

I have a small display area because we are on a court and my piece of the "pie" in the front yard is the only display area I have.  There is a little room on the other side of the driveway, but we often have a vehicle parked there which really divides it and doesn't give good continuity to a display (darn teenage drivers).

We were thinking of adding the starbursts as seen in WoWlights and I could program those with the dumb rgb for this year, but I'm not set on that...

My real question is what would you guys do?  Would you eliminate the current mega tree and put up a pixel tree?  Or would you add a pixel tree and if so, where?  Would you instead go with a matrix?  Over the garage, over the second story window, or???

I'm very thick skinned so feel free to make any suggestion on changes or additions, subtractions etc...  I've also thought about getting rid of the current arches and making those pixel arches for better chases etc. Same with the Eve's.  I just wish I had the confidence last year to start with pixels instead of starting with the basic setup, I'd have had a lot more cash to spend on what I wanted from the get go...  Something that I hope anyone new test reads this considers.  I'm thinking of approaching the neighbor to see if he will help pay for light linkers to put this display in his yard and I'd just start fresh with pixels...

So if this were your canvas to paint on....  What would you do?




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I use a couple of dumb RGB controllers for my eaves/gables and gutter lines. If you're interested I can share how I accomplished this as well. Just last year we added a controller for the windows and garage door to replace the rope light with dumb RGBs. Turned out great.


Please let me know how I can be of service.

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With small yard, 16ft tree may not fit or be out of place..cramed in.   Lots of display elements for pixels, other than mega trees.  


My first pixel elements were  a 4ft pixel wreath and 6ft pixel twig tree.  I did one twig tree for 2016 as a test and will be adding 4 more for 2017.  Love the twig tree and can't wait to see a cluster of 5 of them.    I thought about a mega tree but just didn't have the open yard space...too mahy raised planting beds and tree. Smaller twig trees can be placed nicely around the year. 



Do a youtube search by "pixel wreath listertooutlights" and  "pixel tree listertooutlights".    Listtooutlights is a handle for a LOR four4m member and has a website under the same name.  IMO, also the king of DIY display videos.

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It all depends on your budget and what you want to get out of it.

Keep the major elements you have now and slowly get into the pixels before spending a lot of money on them. This gives you the ability to make sure you have a great looking display, while you're learning pixels or if the pixel thing doesn't quite work out or isn't what you wanted to mess with.

First off, the mega tree size you show in the pic fits nicely with the yard and house. I would keep it right there. I would highly suggest doubling the strands and make it fuller and brighter. You don't have to add any controllers, just double the light strands and plug into the controller like you did the original lights.

Keep the arches (and maybe add one more) and work on new elements, like icicles and maybe pixels running the roof line, pixel matrix over the garage AND second story window. And at least get lights around those windows.

The top half of the house needs lights. It's dark.

Just my thoughts,


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2 hours ago, Santas Helper said:

The top half of the house needs lights. It's dark.

That is a result of a ladder accident 17 years ago...  Two broken arms, foot, and a plethora of other ailments and my wife hasn't really relented on the ladder ban just yet...  But I did get some new floods and a few other things I'm planning for the upper portion of the house. 

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My wife really likes the idea of two snowmen having a snowball fight. I wish I could re-find the video of someone's display that had that animation. Essentially it was two snowmen with 2-3 arm positions and several ball positions that could be sequenced. I was thinking that if I went with some pixels I would free up one of my controllers to run that animation in the background as well.

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