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Timings for Hand Clap


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Nice Job Bob!    I really like the graphics.  

JStorms did a great video a while back on how to export timings from Audacity which forever changed the way I approach programming a new song.   The song specific computer generated timing marks gave us much more professional looking results in our final senquence product.  Hats off to JStorms for his work too!  Unfortunately, the rub with his process is that while it works very well, he was trying to apply a band aid to a limitation in the SE software.  His method works, but it requires writing into the LOR computer code which is not really a user friendly way to go about it or a process for beginners in the hobby.  I also have to either abandon or re-add the song specific timings back into the raw LOR sequence programming code each time we do a minor configuration/prop change.   

I see great possibilities for your new software, especially if you're automating the export process for us mere mortals.   Being able to extract the data from your analysis software into LOR SE with simple mouse clicks would be awesome.   Could it also possibly have a slightly simpler MP3 to CBR conversion function as part of the export?     

Thanks for your hard work as a pioneer Bob.    You do exceptional work.


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12 hours ago, Bizywk said:

<snip>Could it also possibly have a slightly simpler MP3 to CBR conversion function as part of the export?</snip>     

This part is unclear to me.   SpEx listens to the audio file to detect volume at each of the 112 notes on a really wide keyboard. 

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Responding back to your question:  

I was referring to the often posted issue of sequence timings being wrong because people needed to convert the audio file to a Constant Bit Rate (CBR).  The intent was to suggest that perhaps a software enhancement could be made one day to help that issue by making the conversion a little easier as a one-stop solution.

The function is certainly outside the scope of your software, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

Just a humble idea. 


Thanks for what you do.

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