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Synchronizing lights to a Video file?


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If you mean, will it automatically sync to an external source of audio - the answer is no.

As for video, yes, you can create sequences that use the audio portion of a video file instead of an audio file just fine.  When played back, the video will play with the lights running however you sequenced them.


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Color Organs respond to audio inputs.  They typically have 3 or 4 channels.  Each channel responds to a range of frequencies.  No programming required! 

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Don't recall what it's name was or if it is still around, but there was a program that someone created that would let you somewhat do that using LOR controllers.  I had the software, it's a bit tricky to make it work, but it works so-so.  Better off synching the lights via the LOR software suite, it is, and will always be the best option{inmho} for doing that type of music to light synchronization.

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On ‎1‎/‎27‎/‎2017 at 4:10 PM, gm26677 said:

Can any of the light-o-rama products sync lights to a video file or an audio input?

Its not an LOR program but papagayo in conjunction with the papagayo to LOR will do what you want - if you are talking about the voice parts of a video or since you said "audio".

Hours of work but lots of fun.

Best of all- they are both free!

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