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What projectors are being used for whole house projection projects?


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59 minutes ago, Mr Grunts said:

Ok I have a question about all of this. I have been wanting to do this for some time now, So this is what I did. I am asking here because I could not find anywhere else here with the same question. Hope someone can help.

Now setting up show editor. I know how to set up my normal show but video? this is new. so my question is do I do anything different? or when I set up my show, do everything like I normally do and when my show starts, a screen will appear on my show laptop

displaying the video,Like in the sequence editor, enlarge the video screen, and the HDMI cable will run from laptop to projector to show the video I sequence to?


Dennis, I'm not to the point of bringing in the media file into LOR, so I can't confirm nor deny what you've stated from practical experience. I'm only to the point of ensuring that my projector will be in the same spot, night after night. Now moving on to the next step, producing the video. I have done some research into this subject about which you ask, and have found the following information that might be helpful.

Under Home>LOR Software>LOR S4 Software Suite there is a post with a title of LOR Video Projection Setup that you might find helpful. It is an old post, but appears to have good information. Check out the responses of default. But again, I haven't tried any of these so can't vouch for their accuracy in today's environment. 

Then under Home>LOR Hardware>LOR Hardware-General under the topic Pixie 16 Setup and Configuration step by step is a post by xrays911 which purports to outline the steps given to him/her by Drew Hickman. Again I haven't tried these so can't confirm that they work in real life. 

Good luck in your quest and if you find the answer that really works, it would be appreciated if you would post that fact. Thanks.

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On 6/14/2019 at 12:10 PM, Tim Dorr said:

Wow, 5 acres. That gives you a very big canvas. Look forward to seeing your 2019 4th of July display, including the Video Projection Mapping. (Looks like we have gotten off topic)


Here it is. My 2019 LOR Show



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