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Sequencing Mega Trees

Ralph A

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I'm Looking for screen shots, or examples of mega tree sequences of those of you that have done this before. There are many ways to program I know. Without building a model I'm not to sure how it will look! My annimation helps but I can tell it will look somewhat different.

My tree is 12' tall, base 6'. 9 channels, with spacing @ 3'' for a total of 38 strings of mini lights (24'' lenght) 4 strings per channel. There will be ran up and back down on the same side not up and over the top and back down the opposite side.

Thanks for the advice guys

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Ralph, my screen shot from last year is attached. It is actually a tri-mega tree and you can see it in action at http://www.frontdorr.com. The white section is 12' tall with a 5'6" base, 16 slices with 2 15/16" spacing. Wanted a full tree.

Hope this helps.


Attached files 152532=8861-Animation Screen Web.jpg

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