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Do I have to rebuild my Visualizer again???


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OK here goes, after rebuilding my Visualizer several times  in the SE mode, I finally got it working in a split frame type photo with help from LOR.

Ft. part of Property in the bottom half of pix. and the North end is shown in the top half of my picture. I got the props mapped to each channel that had lights tied to my AC controllers. After making a add-on in PE I was able to get it tied to my SE sequence and saved however I was not able to see it in my VI Visualizer, and just gave up due to lack of time.

I was going thru the learning Forum and found the 5 page file in the PE section "Visualizer with Pixel Editor PE and Sequence Editor SE", printed it out and followed it thru and got it to play the tree, HOWEVER NOW when I try to us my Photo Visualizer it just sets NO show.

SO, do I have to redo and remap and will this happen again when I start using the Super Star or did I miss a step????

I am a newbie and don't have a lot of experience playing in the LOR software Suites

Any info or help,



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Jack, the beauty of Visualizer is that it can be used with SuperStar, and when playing through SE, and I believe PE (I don't use PE). The only time you need to change the value is if you change the actual lights. And then you're only revising it, you only change what changed.

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