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Hi guys,

I am new to the LOR world and am looking to take on a 16 channel spiral tree for my first foray into the LOR world.

I am looking at purchasing the basic start package but my question relates to the specs of the lights I should be buying.

I have an extensive collection of lights already but all of them Have their own function controller most with memory hold functionality - would the LOR controller be able to control these lights if there is an additional function controller downstream setting a particular flashing/ steady mode?

If not, is it even worth connecting these lights to the controller or should I be purchasing lights that have not function controller (steady on) and plug them into the LOR controller?



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The short answer is that you are better off with lights that do not have a built in function controller.  Depending on how the built in function controller works, you may be able to cut off the controller and connect the strings to a standard LOR controller.  If you can determine how the actual lights work,you may be able to determine how to connect them to a LOR controller. Note, that depending how they are built, you may not be able to use they at all.


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