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Having Trouble with the Visualizer


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I'm new to LOR this year and have started trying to sequence with LORII. I'm trying to decide on the best way to use the visualizer. I have tried to import images of my house but can't seem to get the size just right. By the time I import a VGA image, then zoom it in, the pixels are too big and wont allow for a decent looking product after I add lights for each channel. If I try to use any larger images such as 2m or 3m, it won't work either. I have looked over Holiday Soft Version 4 but see it is not out yet. What do all of you do with the visualizer? Are you using images of your house, a sketch of the house, or just something generic to represent each channel in the sequence? I am planning on 64 channels for my first year and am feeling a bit overwhelmed so far. I would appreciate any other general ideas for doing things a little better or easier. Any tricks I can use to make 64 channels seem easy? The sequence board seems a little overwhelming. I have practiced with 8 channels and done OK but I am planning on 64 and don't want to have to go back and fix a bunch of stuff.

Thanks in advance.

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