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Did a quick search on setting up a Facebook page for a home display but didn't see any mention on what facebook page category to use.  Interested in a page format such as this one.

Sample Facebook Display Page

Do most  set up a "displayy" email account For Facebook or just use a persannl email account. I can see up multiple email account via my interest provider.  Assuming if you have a personal Facebook account, you should use a different email for a display page? 

Not really much of a Facebook user in the past  but having a "display" page might be handy.

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I used Venue for a while, but you cant put your hours in with that choice. Had to many messages so switched back to business. With business you can put all the needed information on the page.

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I use the "Shopping" template. Don't really care for their new Pages layout... not as good for our use as the old layout.

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